10 Ideas To Get Rid Of Lizards

10 Ideas To Get Rid Of Lizards

Lizards are uninvited guests in our house we don’t want to see them around.i am going to tell you 10 ideas to get rid of lizards you can easily apply.lets have a look

1- Don’t Show Hospitality toward Lizards.

A messy house invite lizards by providing them food and shelter.So keep your house clean and make inhospitable for lizards.

2-Block Entry Points.

Check cracks and holes in your house mostly found near doors and windows.Repair or fill them.

3-Use Pesticides.

Spray pesticides to remove insects .No food no lizard quite simple.Standing water in bowls,pots for long time are breeding ground for insects ,so make sure to empty them.

4-Make Unpleasant Environment.

Lizards are Cold blooded.Switching off lights and keeping room cold make impossible for lizards to survive because they need warm and humid place to live.

i am going to share some Home remedies to make lizard free house.

5-Mixture of Coffee & Tobacco Powder.

Making mixture of coffee and tobacco ,make small balls of that and place them in their way.They will die after eating that.

6-Naphthalene Balls.

10 Ideas To Get Rid Of Lizards

Naphthalene balls are best pest controller,it is also helpful against lizards because of its smell.no food for lizard and smell kick them out from your home.Place these balls in corners and in holes.

7-Peacock Feathers.

10 Ideas To Get Rid Of Lizards

Peacock feathers make your walls beautiful but you are amazed to hear that these feathers make lizards scared and you will see no lizards in room.

8-Homemade Pesticide Spray.

10 Ideas To Get Rid Of Lizards

Mix water and pepper and boil it for 10 minutes.After Cooling fill spray bottle with it.Spray in corners where you find them mostly.Smell of pepper is unpleasant for lizard,spray it on entry points or in corners.Lizards will leave ASAP 🙂

You can also make most effective spray by adding onions,garlic with pepper and boil it for 15 mints.Then filter to use it in Spray bottle.This spray can be used for pests and lizards.

9-Egg Shells.

10 Ideas To Get Rid Of Lizards

Placing egg shells in their way can also stop them entering your house.It shows the presence of other creatures.so they avoid to enter your house. You can change these egg shells after two or three weeks.

10- Electronic Pest Repellents.

Buy Electronic repellents from market or online from Amazon or Aliexpress .These devices use ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technologies to reach deep into walls where nasty pests can hide bombarding them with irritating vibration and deterrent sound waves.

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