10 Super Hottest Celebrity Couples In The World


Let’s just all admit it right here; celebrity couples give us life. They dress up and get pictures taken and look on the screen in a way we could only dream of. Hollywood couples make it all look so easy, sexy and fairytale – like. Couples who are active on social media platforms and do not shy away from posting about their personal life share pictures which make us common people jealous out of our minds. Jealous is a negative word so let’s just call it envy okay.
Although being hot and famous, we all know relationships aren’t easy to maintain in the movie business. In Hollywood especially there is a news of a breakup almost every other day. Take the example of Kim Kardashian, she got divorced just 72 days later. However we still root for them, get excited for them and wait for new pictures to pop up on social media. Us fans we develop some sort of connection with these couples as if we know them. (I do feel that way I don’t know about you guys) We get sad when our favorite couple breaks up. (WHY DID BRANGELINA HAVE TO BREAK UP IT’S NOT FAIR)

The couples who do make it through give us a sense of being a power couple. People want to relate to them and be just like them. My favorite, for example, is the Beckhams and will always be.

Let’s look at the top 10 hottest celebrity couples.

1. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Guys let’s just all take a moment to calm our hearts because I for one get way too excited for this couple. These two right here are the ultimate couple goals. Kutcher who was in a previous relationship with Demi Moore got together with Kunis on the 70’s show. These two dated for a long time before getting married and are proud parents of a baby girl with another child on the way. They both are just so hot.