15 Celebs Who Destroyed All Barriers And Married Their Fans


10. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage didn’t listen to his Hollywood friends and married someone completely outside the celeb universe.

Alice Kim was a 19-year-old Korean waitress clearing tables at a Los Angeles restaurant when Cage came in looking for a renewed shot at love. The emblematic actor decided not to waste time after two failed marriages and blazed his way into a third in record time.

Alice and Cage met in February 2004 and walked down the aisle in July of that year. Can you imagine the delight she must have experienced?

You are going with your girlfriends to see “National Treasure” in the cinemas, and next thing you know Nicolas Cage bumps into you with an irresistible marriage proposal. Five months are not enough to destroy the small Cage shrine you built at home.

Alice would soon give birth to Cage’s second son – Kal-El. We hate to break it to you. Kal-El means nothing in Korean and is, in fact, Superman’s birth name. Just a small hint of how bananas Cage went throughout his later years.