15 Celebs Who Destroyed All Barriers And Married Their Fans


11. Steve Harvey

I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to marry you.”

Steve Harvey said that during his live stand-up routine the moment he first saw his future wife – Marjorie Bridges take her seat in the audience. Don’t rush to applaud such a cute sign of affection and male bravery!

Harvey needed a couple more years to get his act straight and chase his love. As he looks back, he is grateful to Marjorie, a no-name at the time, for saving his life.

Steve Harvey slept in a car for three years before he went past his financial troubles and turned into a media mogul. In 2007 he made the decisive step and married for the third time. So far, Marjorie seems to be a lucky choice!

In the light of what happened at the famed Miss Universe pageant he hosted, it’s easy to picture Steve Harvey messing things at the ceremony.