15 Celebs Who Destroyed All Barriers And Married Their Fans


15. Kelsey Grammer

Who made Kelsey Grammer step out of the marriage to Camille Donatacci that lasted 14 years?

Well, she was no celeb, at least not until the man playing Frasier Crane shockingly chose her to be his 4h wife. Kayte Walsh lived an entirely comfortable life, working as a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic Airways and coming from a family of British footballers that never experience financial difficulties.

What kept people talking was the whopping age gap between the two. Kelsey Grammer is 25 years her senior, an aspect that didn’t stop the couple from having a baby.

We hope you enjoyed our list of modern day fairy tales. Celebs might play in a league of their own, but miracles do happen from time to time.

You know the drill. Keep on watching their movies, go for an autograph or selfie, and keep on praying. Destiny might have a twist for you at the end, and you might marry your silver screen sweetheart.

Source: viraliq.com