15 Celebs Who Destroyed All Barriers And Married Their Fans


7. Christian Bale

Christian was always generous with his fans, but things went completely out of control when he wedded one.

Sandra “Sibi” Blazic was a no-one by the time she started dating the former Batman. The model and make-up artist settled for a modest place in the shadow and became one of the assistants of Winona Ryder.

Sandra had to do some serious changes to her lifestyle. First, she had to redecorate her bedroom and give away all the posters she secretly held with Christian posing as a heartthrob.

There is always a fine line between fans that get to marry their idols and those who end up in county jail as stalkers. Sandra managed to keep herself together and made the Dark Knight come after her.

The two entered their 17th year of marriage and have two gorgeous kids to fill up the daily agenda. Oh, and let’s not forget the essential part – keeping private life as private as possible. Family issues don’t belong to the tabloids.