15 Celebs Who Destroyed All Barriers And Married Their Fans


9. Julia Roberts

Hollywood came to the breaking point in 2002 when “Pretty Woman” star Julia Roberts exchanged vows with what fellow A-list actors call a “civilian.”

When People magazine votes you “the most beautiful woman in the world” not once, but repeatedly, you have every right to select only the best. We don’t know for sure what Julia saw in Danny Morder, but 15 years later they are still strong together and show no sign of stepping down from their commitment.

You will be a bit upset to know Daniel Moder was not the average fan that stuffs the mailbox of his favorite actress with endless love letters and paper collages proving they would look great as a couple. Although bathing in the grayish waters of mediocrity, Moder was no stranger to Hollywood.

In fact, the man was already a cinematographer by the time he met Roberts. Now comes the tricky part – making an impartial evaluation of his recent achievements. If you ask us, having Julia to pull some strings helped poor Daniel have something to fill his Wikipedia page.