15 Most Dangerous Roads in the World


2. Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

This road is located in the Taihang Mountains in the Hunan Province of China. The small village of Guoliang sits on the mountaintop, far away from modern civilization. In the past, the only way to reach this village was by walking through the valley surrounded by many steep cliffs. However, the Chinese government decided to invest money into making a drivable road into the region.

This mountain road was built by local villagers in 1972 and took 5 years to finish. On May 1, 1977 the tunnel was opened to traffic. This long tunnel is almost a mile long, 16 feet tall, and 13 feet wide. This tunnel has become a popular tourist attraction in China as it has many windows looking out over the valley. However, Guoliang tunnel is especially dangerous to drive on during the rainy seasons.