16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist


10. Patrick Deuel

Patrick Deuel

via Acid Cow

Patrick Deuel was massive, so they had to add a new weight parameter to the United States customary units system – the Deuel.

The above line was just a joke. Even so, there is nothing to laugh about the poor man that once reached 486 kg (1,072 pounds). Although he did not hold any official record, Deuel enjoyed a celeb status because his story mingled sad and hilarious details.

First, let’s all admire the incredible power of junk food. The Half-Ton Man owes much of the pounds to the care with which his wife fed him the classic all-American fries with hamburger. She did it because she loved him!

Second, let’s try to recreate in our mind the one time they had to break the walls to get Patrick Deuel outside the house. They rushed him to the hospital to perform a gastric bypass surgery, which helped him shed half the weight.

For those of you who still hope to rest in the shade offered by Deuel’s huge body, the news is not great. He passed away in 2016, giving the local undertakers the toughest case they have ever seen.

Patrick Deuel