16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist


12. Gary Turner

There is something deeply disturbing about Gary Turner, the man that can stretch his skin as he pleases.

Born with a rare medical condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Gary’s body lacks the collagen that would usually keep the skin firm and in place. His Guinness record testifies his ability to stretch the skin on his belly to a distance of 15.8 cm.

It might sound like fun, but it isn’t. The effects might be harmless and reversible at skin level, but not the same can be said about internal organs and connective tissues, which are permanently at risk of falling out of place and creating problems.

Gary Turner joins the other men on the list that have to earn a living by accepting and exploiting their freakish nature. Faking a smile is always easier when you could pull that skin up.

Gary Turner