16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist


14. Prince Randian

The Snake Man, The Human Torso, The Human Caterpillar – those are just a couple of names used to describe one man you won’t believe exists.

Prince Randian was born with a tetra-amelia syndrome, which means he lacked all legs and arms. Such a handicap leaves you with few options for earning a living.

Randian joined the circus and was one of the freaks people paid good bucks to see. His favorite stunt was rolling and lighting a cigar with no help.

There is something oddly cute about a fully-grown man fitting a giant sock and looking like a potato. Kids would drag their parents all the way to Coney Island, New Jersey, for a chance to hug that bundle of joy.

Can you imagine spending a lifetime being limbless and experiencing only mockery or pity? Prince Randian probably had a rough time accepting his awful fate.

However, you will be thrilled to know he was married and even fathered four children.

Prince Randian