16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist


15. Markus Rühl

Have a look at Markus Rühl, the man (better said, beast) with the biggest shoulders in bodybuilding history.

It all started back when Markus was 18 and used to play football. A knee injury forced him to spend time off the field, and he embraced bodybuilding as a way of making those joints sturdier.

One thing led to another, and Markus couldn’t stop pumping iron. Obviously, he went past what normal people would consider enough and ended up looking like a stuffed turkey that eluded many Thanksgiving Days.

If you didn’t know, bodybuilders act like sponges, absorbing everything during their training periods and letting fat and water go as they approach the scheduled competition.

Don’t expect to take a needle and drain those muscles as you could do with Arlindo de Souza. We are talking real muscles here, the ones you meticulously grow and maintain.

Markus Rühl