16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist


2. Amou Haji

Amou Haji

via IRNA

Amou Haji is likely the most disgusting person you ever met.

The 83-year-old Iranian hermit chose a lifestyle that is guaranteed to make you cringe. Haji has not washed in 60 years, claiming that soap and water render him ill. That is far from being all that is wrong with him.

The photo above shows Haji while indulging in a nasty habit – smoking dried animal feces from his improvised pipe. With a diet relying mostly on dead porcupine, Haji lives a life that would make even the most zealous hipsters envious.

You would better sit down for the next piece of information. Haji made use of his hellish looks to become a local celeb and is now looking for a wife that would make his later years brighter.

Women hating to play housewife have a real bargain here. Last time we checked, dead porcupines were easy to cook and with no cleaning or washing clothes on the agenda, time for love would be plentiful.

Amou Haji