16 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !


12. Leontina Albina Espinoza

If our 18th-century Russian family was halfway between myth and reality, let’s look at an exceptional case backed by solid facts.

Leontina Judith Albina Espinoza was a Chilean woman who claimed to be the world’s most prolific mother, at least of recent history. Her portfolio includes 58 children, a number that would make even rabbits bite their nails in anguish.

Because parents abandoned Leontina when she was an infant, she made a pledge never to use contraceptives or refer to abortion. A near death experience using an intrauterine device convinced Leontina God has a plan for her – boost Chile’s population as much as possible.

It seems that the legendary mother attracted a lot of envy from stakeholders in the race for a world record. The media crafted stories of how most of her children were in fact adopted from the streets. Guinness eventually retired the record after the women had provided only 14 birth certificates.