16 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !


13. Daljinder Kaur

Daljinder Kaur is one Indian woman who achieved something many saw as impossible.

Modern medicine preaches that conceiving babies is optimal before hitting the age of 30. Menopause is like a ticking time bomb and mothers who deliver in their 60s almost always reach the front page.

Daljinder Kaur broke everything we know so far about the limits of the female reproductive system. Although receiving a helping hand from in vitro fertilization, the 72-year-old Indian woman counts as the oldest mother in the world.

Her successful pregnancy triggered a massive family celebration. Indian traditions claim infertile couples are cursed, and even the state denies the right of adoption past the age of 45.

However, many can’t stop but wonder what will happen to the little boy. Because of the age difference, 1-year-old Armaan is set to remain orphan quite soon.