16 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !


16. Genghis Khan

For the untrained eye, Genghis Khan appears to be a rogue entry on the list.

The ruthless Mongolian leader lived so many centuries ago it is hard saying anything about him as a parent. However, scientists recently uncover a secret that will make you ponder.

When he was not busy building the biggest land empire the world had ever seen, Genghis spent his free time between the sheets, creating an army of descendants that now accounts for 0.5% of the total male population.

Yes, you heard it right, and it is not a joke. Every 1 in 200 men alive today can trace his lineage back to the prolific father that is rumored to have had more than 3,000 children. That’s means eight full years of uninterrupted births, one each day. Someone deserves more than the “father of the year.”

Obviously, Genghis’s lineage is dominant in countries from Central Asia. The number makes the other record-holding parents on the list look pathetic.