16 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !


4. Ramjit Raghav

Ramjit Raghav is one lucky bastard.

Not only he proudly ranks as the oldest father in the world (he fathered a child at 96), but the Indian farmer is not shy in admitting he has sex three times a day. That’s quite something from a man that recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

Ramjit has an interesting background even if you choose to ignore his remarkable display of virility. He was a wrestler back in the days and recently embraced being a vegetarian.

We are not sure how much it helped to change the diet. Only one thing is sure. Ramjit became such a celeb, PETA chose him as an ambassador for its numerous campaigns in rural India.

Let’s repeat that again, for those of you who suffered a mild seizure. Not only did Ramjit had sex, but he produced a healthy baby, at the age when most grumpy fellows have a hard time remembering their name.