16 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !


6. Carole Horlock

The topic of surrogate mothers is sensitive as it is and the unbelievable story of Carole Horlock comes to complicate it even further.

Most people rub their eyes in disbelief when they read that the 51-year-old British woman gave birth to 15 children, of whom only two belonged to her.

Forget about postpartum depression or the fear something can go wrong down there. Carole embraced being a surrogate mother as a full-time job for the last two decades.

If you insist on knowing, it pays quite well to help women who can carry children of their own. Although it has its risks, the job is a continuous period of binge eating and not having to care about the extra pounds.

Some would say that Carole’s body got used to the symptoms of pregnancy and thrived on it. What do you think? Is it immoral to pay the bills by carrying others’ babies in your womb?