16 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !


9. Alicia Richman

Alicia Richman gave the “Got Milk” catchphrase an entirely new twist.

The 28-year-old mother of one is a parent holding a record that might be a bit too much for those with a sensitive stomach. Alicia donated 87 gallons (320 liters) of breast milk to charity.

Not every mother is lucky enough to be able to breastfeed. Especially when it comes to premature babies, human milk is one vital nourishment impossible to replace with something else.

Guinness took note of Alicia’s unmatched contribution to the local milk bank and recognized her record for “Most Breast Milk Donated.” That’s not something to make the average woman proud, but Alicia chose to step forward as a way of raising awareness on the issue.

You might be wondering what other mothers do when breast milk comes in excess. Well, let’s just say that some kids give up the nipple only when they sign up for school. As for the fathers, they all tried it at least once, with some developing a sick fetish.