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7 Year Old Girl Got Most Expensive Gift From Her Dad

Every Girl is a Princess for her dad and that is one of the most beautiful reality exist in relations.Why girls are more loving towards their dads,seriously i don’t know the answer but i asked some friends of mine about having baby girls.They always smile and said their girl is a princess and most of them called them blessings.

Well leaving all emotional love relation behind ,i am going to share with you something very very interesting and amazing.Every dad wants that his daughter always remain happy and every dad tries to buy gifts to express and show he love her.

I am going to share with you about a dad who is a very rich man who had a his 7 year old daughter.He loved her too much that few days ago he purchased a most expensive gift for her.Really that is most expensive yet.Don’t use your brilliant mind in thinking what is that(i am telling you in a moment) 😛 …

That was a diamond that costs  $48.4 million ,a very unique of its kind.The most amazing thing was that this dad not only purchased  it but also changed the name of diamond to his little girl

“Sweet  Josephine”

Mr. Joseph Lau purchased this gift for his daughter, Josephine a 7 year old girl.

Look at the Most Expensive Gift From a dad to his Sweet Daughter

expensive gift

The Blue Moon diamond.

expensive giftSource

When i heard about this most expensive gift i was very amazed.I am thinking right now that when any dad buy a gift for his daughter,i am not sure about what dad feel, but i am 100% sure his daughter knows and feel that she is receiving most expensive gift from him.Always love your girls and share what you are planning to gift your princess.

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