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A Poor Rickshaw Driver found a Bag of Money:What He Did Next

He is 28 year old handsome bicycle rickshaw driver living in India.When he was passing through local market in Jaypur(name of city) he saw a bag.When he kick the bag like a Player he was amazed because a bag of money was next to him(wow nice kick).He is  a poor rickshaw driver so he took the bag of money to his home and inform her wife about what he found.

Her wife (ameena) told him that this money is not our and it belongs to someone else,and we are not going to use the money.The amount in bag was too much that if her husband try to work hard to earn the same he will need years for that.But i solute their honesty specially her wife.

Because Abid Quraishi (husband) said that my wife strictly denied to accept and to even use a single rupee(currency name).They both went to nearby police station where they met local police officer and delivered the bag of money and told the story of how they found the bag.Police is still in search of the owner but this poor but honest couple was highly honored and appreciated by Police.

Abid and her wife Ameena’s  act of honesty gone viral and famous in country specially where they live.Everyone was admiring their honesty and this story was on top trending news of BBC

Well i am very inspired and really amazed to see that this couple really a roll model for all living in this world.so i am sharing this story and Mr Adid everyone is proud of you.

here is the picture of that rickshaw driver.Share to support and solute him 🙂

bag of money

bag of money

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