Dad’s Best Move on Quad Bike will Roll you on Floor

Quad Bikes are the best rides for off road and outdoor programs.No matter its raining out there or everything is covered with snow.These bikes just awesomely fit in every condition and gives a great fun to riders.Well if you are traveling with your dad on off road quad bike adventure trip then don’t show your extra skills of driving or stunts.Well i am saying this to all not pointing anyone single.

Look this dad was on a ride with his son’s friends…They all are enjoying on snow in Canada when dad tried to show up a stunt.

Everyone know when its about stunt it mean there will be something unique which will create fun and if you are in such company like these guys then definitely there is a great chance of hilarious things.

Well when he raced up his quad bike and tried to drift on ice…its look awesome at start but he wanted to show his stunt in middle …so he raced up and tried to rotate his ATV/Quad bike in circle….


Wow that was great performance… really …wait a second …where is dad now….Oh man he was hilariously thrown over a meter away on snow from his Quad bike …Just like a Hollywood Film Scene…

Dad you rock really…you actually made everyone’s day… it is a safe hilarious snowy accident i have ever seen 😛

Dad’s Best move on Quad Bike turned into Hilarious Fail


I know and i wish you are not going to hurt but it will make you very famous on internet so keep recording you lovely events with friends and family…Thanks Buddy who made this moment and who recorded …i am thousands miles away but i really enjoyed it …Keep smiling and try again to be a hero…but remember “excess of everything is bad” so don’t race to0 much next time … 😛 😛 😛

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