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Adorable Evil Sister Wants to Sell Her Brother to a Pet Store in 54$

Attention Kids i am going to warn you last time.If you have sister at home then you should listen very carefully what i am going to say.If you see your sister sitting with dad and you are playing alone then it means your sister may planning  something evil.

Don’t think its a joke…I know a girl who was sitting with her dad and she was watching her little brother who was playing in snow…  she said to dad

I think we should sell him

What !!!  dad said

She said ..i think Something went wrong in him…

Trust me little champs if you think i am joking i have a video proof i am gonna show you right now.

Look She is Trying to Convince her Dad to Sell her Little Brother in Pet Store for 1$ no 54$ or 100$

Via berge95

Isn’t she look like an evil sister???. I hope now you are sure that you are in big trouble but don’t worry,i have some  ideas and suggestions for you to check the “hidden Evil” you sister may have.

  • If your sister is crazy about owls then she might plan to sell you.
  • If your sister sits with dad when you play then she may brainwash your dad
  • There may be a chance that she plan to exchange you with some chocolates so always keep alert.
  • Don’t forget to show this video to your dad so that he can take some security measures for you because if Pizza can be delivered at home then she may deliver you to someone.Everything is online now dude.
  • Don’t Forget to make online forum to raise voice against “evil sister”
  • Always Keep calm and watch your back.don’t you see the girl in video…she is damm serious !!!

😛 🙂 😛

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