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Fear of Needles Make Her Billionaire:Richest Girl Story

Yes i am not joking i am telling you about a lady whose fear of needles make her billionaire.She was born on 3rd February 1984.I don’t know about her but i definitely know her parents were very happy 🙂 .Her Parents work for living and as far as i know her father was in well known department of United States which work in different countries.


When she was small she was very inspired by her grandfather.Her grandfather was a  surgeon, engineer, inventor, and a decorated World War I veteran.He was a dean of university and a hospital was also named after him so she has very strong inspiration towards her ancestor.She want to do same thing big like her grandfather so she decided to make her interest in same field.She want to do some thing bigger in medical field but there was a very big problem in her way and that was

Fear of Needles 🙂

When she was 9,her family moved to Houston because of her father’s job.After that with her family she went to china and learn Mandarin Chinese there at a young age.when she was in school, she started a business of selling C++compilers to Chinese universities.She came back and completed her graduation.she was enrolled in University to study chemical engineering.As you know she was very brilliant student so she was given stipend of 3000$ to carry on her research project.With the help of her Chemical engineering professor she used this money for a project in her Professor’s lab.

There she apply her knowledge of Mandarin Chinese   with summer language programs at her university and she obtained and internship at Genome Institute of Singapore The Institute was working on developing new methods to detect the SARS corona virus in blood or nasal swabs.


when she returned she wrote a patent application, which she showed to her Professor describing about a wearable patch that could monitor variables in the patient’s blood, administer a medication, and adjust its dosage to achieve a desired effect. Further, a cellphone chip could be put on this patch for remote monitoring – so-called telemedicine. She filed the patent application in September 2003, as “Medical device for analyte monitoring and drug delivery”.

in 2003 she used money that her parents had saved for her education,she  established a company names Real time Cures.Amazing thing was that she was just 19 and in second year of university.Later, she changed the company’s name to Theranos because she believed that many people had a cynical reaction to the word “cure”. Initially, she worked out of a basement of a group college house. A semester later, she dropped out to pursue her business career full-time.


The company grew gradually over next decade.She worked silently in her field to avoid any competition.By 2014 company offered 200 tests and was licensed through out country.With 500 employees and value more then $9 billion her company is expanding.She is Youngest Billionaire of the world with estimated net worth of $4.6 billion.

Her name is

 Elizabeth Holmes

Fear of needles make her Billionaire

 Fear of needles make her Billionaire

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