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Handsome Cat Checking out His Adorable Looks in Mirror

I was thinking about girls and boys who always take too much time in front of mirror watching and thinking that they are looking very handsome or beautiful.I personally have no problem with them because i know i am more charming,beautiful and handsome then all .But ,what happens if i say that there is a handsome cat who did the same…Handsome Cat

I mean its not a handsome cat story you mother told you when you was child,it is real that he check his awesome looks when he found any mirror specially at home.Not only this he also change his expressions and move his head here and there just like you do to see how he look in this style.

I concluded the results after i watching this dashing cat,we humans transfer this habit to our pets.I know soon everyone who has a pet will buy a separate mirror so that pets can do their own makeup before going to party or walk with their Humans.:P 😛 😛

Handsome Cat Checking his Adorable Looks


I think cats discovered beauty tips and mirror earlier then humans,that is why in fashion shows we saw girls “cat walks” 😛 .


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