Inestimable love of Mother in Animals Caught on Tape

When we define love or we want to measure love but we can’t it means we are talking about love of mother…really inestimable, immeasurable, uncountable, purest and finest for their Babies…Inestimable love

No matter human or animals if there is mom then there is love…a love that can tolerate everything and that can fight to everyone when she feel her kids in danger…I want to write millions of words on love of mother but I know I cannot even explain…
Today i am going to show you some videos that will show you love of mother in animals which will melt your heart.

A snake who hunted two little rabbits,one of them died because snake Constrict them ,then suddenly mama rabbit saw her babies in trouble…within no time she attacked on snake and he was not ready for this horrible attack so he left her babies and try to run away but mama bunny finds out that one of his baby was not moving so she got angry… she was a mother and she was ready to fight for revenge at any cost. She attacked on snake and try to kill him. Snake want to run but she was not ready to let him go because she want to teach him lesson that how  he dare to attack her babies.After sometime snake also started defensive fighting with mama bunny. No doubt she was bitten by snake many times but till the end she was trying to kill him.

Watch inestimable love of Mother which force her to fight for babies


Here is another short video for you …A man was on walk with his big mouth dog…then suddenly on the side of walking path his dog find a little kitten alone…within no time his dog rushed toward the little one and tried  to bite. But suddenly kitten’s mom appear and within no time she attacked directly on dog’s face and amazingly she attacked very aggressively .The dog within no time release his baby from his Jaws. But instead of going away mama cat again attack on dog …it means that she was telling him never ever dare to attack on my kids you Son of Bitch 🙂

Power of inestimable Love


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