Richest Politicians In The World And Their Fabulous Fortunes !!!


49. David Koch – $43.6 billion

Meet the second wealthiest politician today David Koch.

Although Koch never held a public office and scored only 1% as a vice-presidential candidate in the 1980 presidential election, you can bet your money that the 77-year-old retains an immense influence on American politics.

Koch labeled himself a social liberal and was never afraid to take non-mainstream sides, supporting gay rights, speaking against foreign interventions, and ever considering the war on drugs a waste of time. Note that he pumped money into both the Democrat and Republican campaigns.

When you own tens of billions, you are compelled to give back to the community. David sat on the Board of Directors of an impressive number of foundations and pledged to donate most of his fortune to charity. If one ignores the many conspiracy theories behind Koch Industries, David is one of the few good guys in politics.