Richest Politicians In The World And Their Fabulous Fortunes !!!


5. Uhuru Kenyatta – $1 billion

As it often happens in Africa, Uhuru Kenyatta is both the President of Kenya and the country’s richest person.

In office since 2013, Uhuru is the son of the Jomo Kenyatta, the first to lead the nation since its independence from the British Empire. Now, the 55-year-old is in a fierce battle to secure a second term after the Supreme Court of Kenya invalided the initial results of the 2017 elections.

Uhuru owns approximately $1 billion, most of which came from the land grab in which his family was involved in the 1970s. The scheme allowed Kenyan businesspeople and officials to acquire land from the British colonial government at meager prices.

Of course, it wasn’t fair for the millions of Kenyans living in poverty. Just a reminder – that’s how politics work!