Shocking Videos of Bug fights From Bugs World!!!Terrible and Creepy

Why any living creature fights. Is this about some kind of fun or it is a way to live? Is fighting with others is best way to show who is going to rule. Well everyone fight in life, this fight may be against circumstances, food, dominance. But watching someone fighting became a fun for human beings only. When I was searching over the internet, I found hundreds of fighting videos. But what I am going to share with you is a bug fights. These fights occur normally when any bug finds himself in any danger or someone enters Bug’s area of rule. I found hundreds of videos on internet but I am going to share with you the most clearly and short fight between Scorpion and spider. Although I personally never find such fights enjoy full I don’t know the reason why!!! But to show you I am going to share these (actually I added one more video to page showcase) bug fights video live from their world:P


If you enjoyed then i have a surprise for you..here is another video .This video has top 10 bug fights ever filmed in HD quality.Have a good day


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