Slap me Challenge : Don’t Try This lol

What is Slap me challenge?let me explain you.In slap challenge two participant slap each other,no rules no limits,it is just for fun.The video i am going to show you is made on cell phone so picture quality may be low but in this video when the first man hit another nothing happened except cheeks turned red 😛 ,when second man slap the first in return he fell down.Watch but don’t try this at home.

Well if you are keen to do this so i have a better plan,walk in streets and say “i love you” to any girl…i hope you will definitely get what you want.It is highly recommended to say these three magical words to those girls who have boyfriend with them,i am sure you will get a Classic slap on your face by her and probably one or two punches from her boyfriend totally free lol 😛 .

Watch this and enjoy

i hope you enjoyed it.wait!!! read what Minions say about slap….

slap me

slap me


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