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I am going to introduce Myself 

My name is and i am website.i was in mind of a Human,when i was borne he gave me a name apna idea 😛 .Don’t Confuse i am going to tell you about myself in detail.i know that only one part of my name is confusing but you know i was an idea in mind before i borne.But the Problem is that every one has idea in mind so it is impossible to give me a name just “idea“.So i was named “Apna idea” because my creator belong to that region where apna means “My/mine.own”

I am very interesting.I know i am small at the time and i am a baby website but i am growing  day by day.i am Apnaidea of My creator and i am the one and only of my own he is feeding me and people are coming to see me daily.But i wish that you also feed me with your idea so i can grow more faster.

I am going to tell you about my diet

My food contain any one’s Idea(videos,jokes,ideas),reviews,feelings related to any topic…Simple if you share your idea it feed me.Trust me you can share any idea with me.if you are watching something or if you are thinking about something i know that deep inside your mind an idea born…i need that.Don’t hesitate to share.You can Send us Your stories,Articles,Ideas about topics listed in website.We will Publish them,this will create an opportunity for new writers bloggers.So Don’t Hesitate to send me your idea.This Place is for you don’t be shy .

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