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You will Solute Traffic Warden Heroine After Reading Her Story for Sure

Everyone knows her as Traffic warden heroine in side area of Indian capital Dehli,the Ghaziabad.She control dense traffic everyday and she never miss her duty even a single day.The most important and amazing thing about her is that she is not a trained or appointed by government but She is very expert in controlling traffic .

Dorris Francis is controlling traffic from last 6 years without any leave and Pay

What is the story behind Traffic Heroine?

Actually she lost her daughter 6 years ago on the same signal in 2010.Don’t be shocked there are thousands of roads where traffic wardens control traffic manually.When her daughter died she start controlling traffic to secure others life.

When a reporter talk to her she said that after the death of my daughter “Nikki” i start doing this because i believe that what i am doing is the best work and i feel peace in my soul.I don’t let any mother to see the same accident that i saw before.

People of that particular area and driver knows her and they respect her.A traffic warden who also work there said that i always wonder that how she can control traffic on the same signal where her daughter died.

That is the reason People call her “Traffic Heroine

She always has a stick in her hand and sometime she use it on the people who don’t follow her instructions.

Dorris Francis The Traffic Heroine of India

traffic warden

She Lost her Daughter Nikki in accident on the same Signal

traffic warden Heroine

A Particular Uniform of Traffic warden Heroine Dorris Francis

traffic warden Heroine





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