Your Smile is best Revenge


Your Smile Is Best Revenge Dose it make any Sense?your smile.

I am going to tell your some important facts that why your smile is best revenge.You can show joy, affection, attraction, recognition, arrogance, contempt, sarcasm, empathy, politeness and fear with slightly different smiles.Mostly we considered that the idea of smiling is good because it is associated with ”Happy”.

You smile act as a Bond

According to my idea most important aspect of Smiling is bonding.Smile make strong bond in relationships.These relationships may be between  husband wife,boss and employer,teacher and student or even between parents and  children.if we study smile as a body language expression then we can divide into many types but this is a deep study.i believe that what ever the kind of smile is,it can be understood easily by facial expressions and mood.lets come to the topic why can your smile be your revenge.

lets have a look in husband wife relationship the importance of smile.as i mention above that smile also make strong bond in relationships so it play an important role in decreasing depression level of both partner that may be due to intense work or may be due to some financial,social,personal issues.

your smile is best revenge

Smile can remove miss understandings because naturally smile show soft,attractive and loving feelings.so it is better to keep smiling if you are in such relation and your will 100% agree what i am trying to deliver you.

But if your are bachelor then don’t feel sad your smile is not worthless.:)Smiling face can make your more handsome or beautiful.I am sure if you start smiling and you will soon need my tips i have mentioned above 🙂 🙂

Now lets have a look of some Professional and Social aspects about smile.Smile is a bridge between you and your customer.If your are a businessman ,shopkeeper,or in any kind of business activity.You can make friendly environment by you smile.A survey show that customer intends on those shops where they find friendly staff .When we come to know the reason 90% of them gives us reason that smiling face makes them more comfortable and that is main reason.Smile in Business

So if you adopt such behave then your smile is revenge for other business competitors.So be more social by keep smiling .:)

So smiling in social interaction hold so much value . it’s tasteful cocktail of joy and trust, and we definitely like to be around other happy people who also like us.

But the bonuses to smiling are not ending there, the amount of other benefits to smiling is almost overwhelming. There’s a correlation between people who smile with many almost unrelated benefits.People who smile more seem to Live Longer,Perform better and think more broadly,making more successful and attractive.

So Your Smile is revenge against challenges,Problems,Social Misbehaves,My experience and my idea is that your smile makes you strong against every thing.so just experience it.i want to see a smile on your face now 🙂


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